TAP for Roofing Launch is a Game-Changer for UK Roofing

Posted on 19th February, 2023

THE LAUNCH OF A new training and apprenticeships website, TAP for Roofing, will be a game-changer for UK roofing, says an industry figure.

The Training and Apprenticeship Providers (TAP) for Roofing website lists roofing and cladding courses and apprenticeships for free, and launches today, (Wednesday 25th January 2023).

TAP for Roofing – at www.tapforroofing.co.uk – makes it easy to look up training and apprenticeship opportunities nationwide.

Completely free of charge for all users, training course providers, and apprentice employers, TAP gives UK roofing and cladding professionals one place to find all their training and upskilling needs.

TAP for Roofing covers all types and disciplines of roofing and cladding – at all levels.

Advertise Courses and Apprenticeships for Free

Funded by the Roofing Industry Alliance, the TAP for Roofing website has been created to allow both training providers and employers recruiting apprentices to advertise their courses and apprenticeships entirely free of charge.

TAP courses and apprenticeships can be uploaded by:

  • Roofing and Cladding Training Providers
  • Roofing Trade Associations and Federations offering training
  • Manufacturers offering roofing and cladding training short courses or CPDs
  • Colleges offering roofing apprenticeship training
  • Roofing Contractors with their own training academies
  • Employers looking for apprentices

Course and apprenticeship providers can easily create their own accounts on TAP and upload and update their courses and vacancies themselves. All they have to do is visit the www.tapforroofing.co.uk homepage and simply click on the Provider Login/Register button.

Those advertising their courses on TAP will be offered a TAP button to display on their own websites.

Game-Changer for UK Roofing

Denise Cherry headshot
Denise Cherry, Chair of the NRTG

Denise Cherry, Chair of the National Roof Training Group (NRTG), said, “The Training and Apprenticeship Providers (TAP) for Roofing website is a game-changer for UK roofing. Time and again the benefits are proved when roofing and cladding companies invest in the training and upskilling of their workforce. It boosts their productivity, safety, workforce retention and ultimately their bottom-line profitability.

“Training in the UK roofing industry isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s an integral part of the business savvy roofing and cladding community. Experienced roofing and cladding leaders know that training is the route to business progress and profitability.”

Roofing and cladding courses listed on the TAP database will give an overview of the course before detailing its location, duration, funding, qualifications gained and contacts to apply.

For apprenticeships, employers can upload all the details of their vacancy. They can include the training they are offering, as well as the salary, qualifications gained and closing date.

Denise Cherry added, “TAP will give us valuable labour market information to help the National Roof Training Group lobby for more funded training opportunities that people want, where they want them.

“It’s essential that roofing and cladding companies can develop and progress, not just through undergoing sector-specific training, but also by completing qualifications such as the Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) and Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) from CITB’s Site Safety Plus suite, which are essential for running sites associated with main contractors particularly. TAP will help us pinpoint any unmet demand and seek funding and provision for it, wherever it’s needed across the country.”