Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group  (YIRTG) - Here to make your training easier.


YIRTG is a not-for-profit organisation, that operates with a grant from CITB and member company subscriptions


Our members benefit from a customised service, providing advice, guidance and support on all their training needs.



Since January 2022 to July 23, the training group has supported member companies to undertake 1450 training days, with savings of almost £50,000 against regular list prices.



If you are a small company, and have not done much training, we can help you to consider your training requirments, plan out courses, and possibly find funding to support your training.   Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help.


Our training officer, Denise Cherry has 25 years experience in construction training, with the past 18 being in roofing, and she has experience in developing training centres, systems and preparing funding applications for individual companies, collaborations and training centres.

Finding Training

YIRTG are here to support you and save you time, find out what training gaps you may have and develop a plan with a skill matrix and training plan.  

Applying for Funding

First call for support through grants and funding is often through CITB, who support a large range of technical and health and safety courses.

Responsible Roofing

YIRTG supports roofing companies to make responsible choices with regard to  recruitment, relationships and retention of workers