Roofing Community Supports Training and Recruitment

Posted on 9th February, 2023
Training Talk at Carlton Bolling Academy

NEWS OF THE ROOFING COMMUNITY coming together to support roofing training and recruitment is particularly fitting in this National Apprenticeship Week.

Seeking to promote opportunities in roofing, Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group (YIRTG) Training Officer, Denise Cherry visited Carlton Bolling Academy in Bradford. Together with Charlotte Robson from CITB, Denise was invited to discuss the construction education and roofing activities offered at the Bradford school.

The Carlton Bolling Academy has 129 students studying Construction and the Built Environment in year 11 and 89 students in year 10, making 218 students in total; and demonstrating that it is one of their most popular courses.

However, construction materials were in short supply as the academy has so many claims on its financial resources. Denise Cherry issued an appeal to the roofing community for support on LinkedIn. In the same week, Denise had a meeting with YIRTG member, G Smith Roofing & Sons, who, in turn, posted the appeal on Facebook, which produced an excellent response from industry colleagues.


Training and recruitment talk at Carlton Bolling Academy

Roofing Community Support

Deliveries arrived from small and larger roofing companies, manufacturers and suppliers. They included slates, large format and plain tiles, battens, nails and a large practice rig, together with bricks and blocks, which were also required.


Student tries roofing at Carlton Bolling Academy


Denise thanks all the companies which provided support:

With the support of this great team the academy now has considerable roofing resources and can offer a range of pitched roof training.

Following these generous donations YIRTG were able to deliver an introduction to roofing and a set of three introductory activities in tiling, flat roofing and slate cutting to 60 young people in groups of six, over a two-day period. The students enjoyed the activities, and provided favourable feedback on their perception of roofing careers.

YIRTG is now working with local businesses to identify potential candidates for apprenticeship and trainee roles in the Bradford area.


Roofing introduction at Carlton Bolling Academy

Denise said, “It’s really great when a plan comes together, and the industry support for this Academy was almost unbelievable. Every delivery was met with excitement from the students and gratitude from the tutors. They start the roofing element of their studies this month, and, thanks to the roofing community in Yorkshire, they will have an excellent introduction to roofing, using the materials they need.”